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Anyone Home?

So, I wonder, does anyone read this blog? Should I pimp it more? Post more? Go away?

I usually only post here when I have something real to say, rather than blither away about the mundanities of everyday life. I figure if people wanted that kind of stuff, they'd go read a soap opera synopsis or something. Unlike paid pundits, I am not always full of profound and meaningful prose, and even if I was, I wouldn't have time after my paid work to spew them out for the consumption of the blogosphere. But does anyone care about what I have to say at all?

I suppose I could just do link spam, without exposition, but I find that rather dull, and still just as time consuming (search, cut, and paste) as writing my thoughts and all. In fact, articles with quotes and references take about twice as long to write for some reason.

How about requests? I do a lot of stuff that I've never mentioned here because it's plain boring. Throw me a curve, spice up your life. Or not.

Bye for now.


erisraven said...

All right - I feel your pain, I gave mostly up on my blog because no one read it either. But I just learned some stuff by reading yours, and I think your viewpoint is valuable, even if it's only to the hit-and-run, most of the time never-leave-a-comment reader like me. Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, people still read, and even sometimes go back and read older entries as well. :)