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Shock! AFA Advocates Fairness?

The people in the AFA, who ordinarily repulse me, came up with a comment that is fair, principled, and right:
Here is the single most important question you can ask your Representative and
Senators concerning ObamaCare.

/"Will you vote to require members of Congress to be included on any bill
dealing with health care? Please give me a yes or no answer."/

If the ObamaCare health care bill isn't good for the members of Congress, then
it is not good for the general public. Members of Congress should live under the
same laws as the general public.
I agree. Whatever Congress passes, they must be bound to it as well. Equal treatment under the law, and them putting their health and lives where their mouth is.

The only way to get true health reform, and sane, fair, economical coverage for all is to force the people making the rules to live under their own creations:
  • If we have to use private insurance in the "free market", so should they.
  • If we can be denied, rescinded, and lifetime capped, so can they.
  • If our "preexisting conditions" make us uninsurable, so should theirs.
  • If we have huge copays, low coverage percentages, and huge out-of-pocket costs, so should they.
  • If they get gold-plated lifetime care at taxpayer expense, so should we. We pay the bills.
The lobbyists can push money at them all they want, but if their health and life rides on it as well, they won't be as likely to sell us down the river for a lobbyist donation.

So yes, Donald E. Wildmon, that is a very, very, very good question to ask.

We all should ask it, and not just regarding health care. No more political elites.

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