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Taxpayer Funding of Murder

I bet you think this is about abortion. In a way, it is, but not the way you think.

You see, my tax money routinely funds things I consider to be murder, or otherwise immoral:
  • Unprovoked wars - murder of civilians by US government sanction
  • Capital punishment - judicial murder of people who may actually be innocent
  • Torture and "extraordinary rendition" - murder, and worse, by US government
  • Blackwater mercenaries - paid killers, murder for hire
  • In vitro fertilization - unnatural fertility for those who can't accept fate
  • Viagra - unnatural hardons for those who can't accept aging
If the control freaks who have decided that their pissant God gives them control over women's bodies can whine about "taxpayer funding of abortions", then I DEMAND that my tax monies no longer be used to fund things that I find to be criminal.

After all, fair is fair - if the "pro-lifers" can deny taxpayer funding of what they consider "murder", I can demand that taxpayer funds should not be used to fund what is more arguably actual murder, or otherwise unnatural and immoral.

Tell your congressperson about this.


Iritar said...

Agreed. There are vast majorities of people who are being ignored because of a select few that have their own religious agendas.

Iritar said...

Agreed. Too few people with the spiritual agendas that go against what we with the various majority are influencing the laws of this country.

MoonGoddess said...

GREAT argument! Thanks for the spark.

Ketutar said...

Agreed :-) I wonder why some people's opinion should be more worth than some others'? Senseless, useless attack war with no good reason is nothing but a murder. It's not "protecting the American citizens".