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Dream Time

Due to the crap going on in my family, I decided to "ask the source" in meditation/dreaming. You may think I'm nuts, but I give you some choice fragments/quotes from that dream/meditation:

"What do I want them to do? Continue my work - feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, tend the sick, give of themselves to others. To love their neighbors, and even strangers, as they do their own kin and selves. If they do that, their example will carry my message into the world. If they don't, all of the preaching, coercion, petty or draconian laws and even torture will not bring any more people closer to God. In fact, it will drive them away from my way."

"I want no laws passed in my name, I came to help people get out from under the Law, to do what is right because it is right, not because they think that the Law demands it. The Law of Israel was given because they had nothing, and were separated from God. It was not given to be imposed on other peoples and other times - their relationship to divinity is different. My purpose is to break the petty rules game, and put true love and compassion in its place."

"Why are some separated, and some not? It is their view of the world, and themselves, that separates them from the divine. It is a falsehood that my father demands perfection: he merely requires a sincere effort, and a desire to commune with him. I have built a bridge over the chasm of the Law, and put up the lights so people may see the way."

"Heaven and Hell are a state of being. Neither are permanent, unless the person wishes it. The universe changes, and so do souls. Chosing to live again, for a lesson or a mitzvah, is always possible. What lasts is the good one builds, the kindness one shares, and the inspiration that one leaves behind. Against that, all of the laws and slogans can not stand for long."

"You only need saving if you are lost. If you find another bridge to the divine, cross it. We are all there, waiting. Yes, each people once had separate gods, and the god of Israel was not, would not, be the god of the orient. Now, with the scattering of all the people, it is who calls you that matters, and that you seek to do what is right and just by your fellow man. "

"It is no coincidence that the true core of so many religions comes down to this: 'treat your neighbor as you would be treated'. This means leaving him to his choices, yes, and even his errors. For if you leave him no choice but to do what you see as right, then he does no right by choice, but by force. That is not goodness, it is slavery."

"From time to time humanity seeks to destroy itself, and partially does. This is a cycle, and a bitter one, but it is how things are. My purpose, my work, is to try to remove the causes, and enable mankind to live with each other. The more I and mine are successful, the longer the interval between cataclysm, and the happier people are."

YMMV, of course. Those who do not believe in such things may scoff if you like. But I am put much at ease by the answers.

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Grandma_Ellen said...

Ahh, *sigh* That is beautiful. We have no quarrel for we share the dream. This post is an exact expression of my beliefs (and why I often have problems with any and every organized church).

Sometimes I get caught up in the mundane and respond to the noise. Forgive me. I love you. I wish you Peace, Love and Kindness this Yule.