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Republicans, that is. They spent a couple years in the late 90s quibbling and raising a humongous stink over a cumstain on a willing intern's dress, but now they are whining that the "liberals" need to "get a life" when anyone criticizes the rethuglican president's clear and obvious violations of the constitution.

Get this, jerks: Getting a blow job from a willing intern, even if you are married to someone else, is not a crime. Ordering torture, wiretapping, lying to congress and the public, and other violations of the law and the constitution is a crime. It clearly falls under the category "high crimes and misdemeanors", more so than Slick Willy prevaricating about where he put his schlong and whether it was "sex" or just foreplay.

Boo, hoo, the press is so liberal that every scandal that breaks oin the Bush administration get's a whole day or two on the front page before we go back to celebrity tripe. The Clinton witch hunt with Ken Starr was front page for months, with rehash, conjecture and righteous puffing from the "conservatives".

Speaking of which, it is our "conservative" president and congress that are pumping up our deficit to unheard of levels. Sure, they cut social and safety net programs, and retirement benefits for the military, but their corporate welfare programs and pork are still intact. If that's "conservative", I would hate to see them acting in a "liberal" manner with our tax dollars.

I think we need new labels, myself.

Pro-privacy, pro-social contract, pro-education, pro-fiscal responsibililty, anti-nanny state, pro-small business, anti-corporate welfare, pro-choice, pro-bill of rights (ammendments 1-10), pro-legalization, pro-hogtie the government to keep them out of our bedrooms, pro-gay rights, pro-straight rights, pro-do what you want as long as you don't harm anyone else types should be called "laidbacks".

Anti-privacy, anti-religious freedom, anti-public schooling, anti-fair tax, anti-individualistic, anti-choice, anti-bill of rights, anti-gay, anti-sex, pro-corporatist, pro-prohibition, pro-lobbyist pork, pro-corporate welfare, anti-government restraint, pro-run everyone's lives and choices even religion should be called "control freaks".

Both laidbacks and control freaks have adherents on both "sides" of the aisle in Washington. The neo-cons are mostly control freaks, and with their religious reich and corporatist sidekicks, are virtually fascist in their desire to control every piece of American life - their way, or no way. These are the same hypocrites that whined about a president schtupping a willing intern.

But, unlike them, I won't call for control freaks to be to be deported ("if you are really offended, you gotta go to Israel."), executed (Shoot a liberal blog) or otherwise imprisoned or punished. After all, it's (supposedly) a free country -- for now.

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